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REAL SUPER 8mm wedding FILM

Cinematic. Intimate. Nostalgic.

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This ain’t your grandmother’s wedding video. Except it kinda is. But better.

From Wild Bridge Films, remember your day in a dreamy style that combines gorgeous high definition footage with the nostalgia of real Super 8mm film. We have laid to rest the days of wedding videos that never get watched, while re-capturing the beauty of moments captured on physical film.

We’ll show up while you’re getting ready. We’ll capture all the eager anticipation, the togetherness of family and friends, the uniqueness of details, the raw emotion, the playfulness and laughter, and the endless celebration... and expertly craft it into a visual treat. You’ll watch it 87 times in a row and it will never grow boring. Plus, it's the perfect way to share your day with those who can't attend, and something to look forward to viewing again every anniversary.

The core film we'll create for you is our Signature Vignette, the length of one song. You may also choose a SUPER Vignette, which is double the length. You also get your vows/ceremony, and can choose to have your complete toasts, first dance, raw footage, and more. You’ll receive the completed videos on a wooden USB drive, as well as the actual film reels. It's all delivered to you in beautiful heirloom packaging.

Take a look at your perfect wedding day film package options here.



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