We are Derrick and Christy Collins, a husband & wife team located in Richmond, Virginia, and we were made to tell stories. We believe the day you get married is one of the most important stories worth telling and re-living. That is why we choose to make wedding films that are an experience of beauty, emotion, and nostalgia, rather than just some nice footage put together cookie-cutter style in the order of your day. We truly love making art from wedding footage, our centering question to ourselves being, “If we could bottle up this couple’s love and commitment for each other and then transform it into a film, what would it look like, what would it feel like?” We love recognizing the beauty of how you choose to design your wedding as well as the honest candidness of natural interactions amidst loved ones, and we choose to focus on capturing those things in a cinematic way instead of seeking to direct events for the sake of cinema. We understand that weddings are first and foremost about two people giving their lives to each other, and, as videographers, we consider it our task to capture that inspiring act, and all the moments before and after, with as little interference as possible.

When it comes to planning a wedding, we know there are so many choices and details and vendors. And we know that the only vendors you will continue to work with once the wedding day is over is the photographer and videographer, so it is our goal as videographers to not only provide you with lasting memories with the wedding films we create, but to do our part in limiting the stress and making it an enjoyable experience for you throughout planning, the big day, and beyond.

In addition to weddings, we capture the life stories of the elders in our society, as well as create films for companies that desire to share who they are and what they do through a more emotional, artistic video than what is typically “corporate.” In 2016, we had the privilege of traveling to several countries, making many documentary-style films featuring projects and nonprofits over an 8-month span. We did this with our sweet little travel baby, River, who was just 4 months when we left. Since then, we have added another little guy, August, to our crew. We are so grateful for each and every story we get to tell.