Any sense of joy in the work we do or artistic pride in the finished product really means nothing unless our clients come out of their experience with us truly happy with their wedding vignettes. Whenever we receive reviews like the ones below, we are motivated afresh to keep offering the services we do because we have confidence that our work is preserving moments of beauty and goodness in the world, and that is a work worth doing.



“I cannot begin to explain how happy we are with our wedding video! Wild Bridge Films was definitely one of our FAVORITE vendors and made the video side of weddings so delightful. They did an engagement shoot as well that captured the love between my husband and myself as well as helped us get comfortable in front of the camera. We will be using them again one day when we want to capture our family, but for now I will sing all praises of their talent and genuine interest in film.”


“WOW, is all I could say when my husband and I received our video films! I am just in awe from beginning to the end how they crafted our wedding day film using the vintage film to the song selection to the different angles and moments captured! My husband and I had a wedding planner who communicated with them on logistics and scheduling of the meetings etc. but our initial interaction with them during the consultation meeting I knew they would bring nothing but peace, calmness, and excitement on our wedding day! As a working couple, they complimented each other perfectly in how they communicated and worked to make sure they grasped every detail we wanted and those we didn't know we would want at the time! The day of the wedding I can hardly remember them being there in the midst of what was going on but looking at the videos they CAPTURED every emotion and special moment! Watching the videos I cried and felt the emotion I felt on the day of my wedding! The video clarity, how they pieced together our vintage film, the sound of the videos, and angles during the ceremony were spectacular! They truly have a talent and have perfected their craft! From the littlest of detail packaging our films in colored tissue paper the same as my wedding colors, to personalized case and flash drive with our names and date of our wedding, to the quality of our videos, my husband and I are thankful they were there on our wedding day to capture that special day for us! Our total rating hands down would be a 4.9/5 for as mentioned we had a wedding planner handle the coordination and communication of their contract and details of arrival on that day, but from our interaction and experience with them, we could not have chosen a better couple to be a part of capturing our special day!”


“Christy and Derrick are wonderful humans and creative geniuses. Their unique artistic style paired with their professionalism and amazing film making skills make them one of the best in the business that I’ve come across. They gave us a short film that we can easily watch over and over, packed with joy and memories that time may erode in our minds but we’ll get to keep forever because of them. They made the process so simple and went to great lengths to ensure that they were creating a film that captured the essence of our day (as well as our personalities). Two years later and I still cry when I watch it (and I watch it a lot). If you’re on the fence about booking a wedding videographer, do it, but more importantly, BOOK THEM, it will be one of the best decisions you make for your wedding and your marriage.”


We had extremely high hopes with our wedding video but we were completely blown away when we received our wedding videos!! My husband and I have not stopped watching them over and over and all of our friends and family cannot stop raving about how amazing they are!! We searched near and far to find the perfect wedding videographers for us, the exact opposite of a cookie cutter; videographers that would capture moments instead of acting and we definitely could not have found better! Derrick and Christy from Wild Bridge Films were such a pleasure to work with throughout the entire wedding planning process, staying in touch through emails and video calls whenever we needed to chat. They were so helpful and accommodating! Throughout the entire wedding day, they were both so professional, nobody even noticed them there, everyone was so comfortable and able to be themselves! It was exactly what we wanted!! I would highly recommend Wild Bridge Films to anyone in need of amazing videographers, who are willing to travel and all around AWESOME human beings!!! They're like a breathe of fresh air!! You will not be disappointed!!


I don’t think words can describe how wonderful Wild Bridge Films is. Christy and Derrick did a phenomenal job start to finish. They are so talented, and our vignette is truly a work of art! They depicted all the love, joy, and emotion of our day even better than we could have ever imagined, and they took such care to make sure the editing, songs, and final product were perfect. We will treasure our video forever, and we cannot recommend them enough!!

— MEG G.